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tom cat foot scannerTOM-CAT 3D Foot Scanner
Patients will often require orthotic devices to help curb certain foot conditions such as flat feet or foot pain. Traditionally, most orthotics are created using plaster of Paris casting to achieve an accurate mold of the foot.  Instead of plaster of Paris, however, here at Cavicchio Podiatry we utilize the innovative TOM-CAT 3D foot scanner to create an accurate 3D image of a patient’s foot. Instead of using messy plaster to create a cast, the TOM-CAT uses a laser to scan a patient’s foot. To create a 3D image, the patient simply places their bare foot onto the scanner pad, which is rotatable and adjustable. After clicking the “scan” button, a 3D image of the patient’s foot appears on the screen. The image can be examined for accuracy and either discarded for a new scan if incorrect or sent directly to an orthotics lab for creation.

The TOM-CAT has become the new “gold standard” in traditional casting according to a study by Temple University. The scanner itself is small in size and cost-efficient, saving space, time and casting materials. Mess-free and accurate, the TOM-CAT scanner makes creating orthotic devices quicker and easier for patients.